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CBD - Where to Buy it in Roanoke, VA

Susan “Lily” Cromer was born in Miami, Florida, back before it became today’s vibrant, fast-paced, international city.  Her early childhood was idyllic. Her father’s profession as an agriculture/horticulture teacher instilled in her a love of plants and spending time outdoors.  She grew up harvesting and eating fresh tropical fruits from their trees and vegetables straight from the vines. Days were often spent climbing trees, learning to plant and care for plants in the family nursery, or fishing, shrimping and crabbing in then pristine Biscayne Bay.  Her mother cooked big family style dinners, often with a nod to her Southern upbringing in Virginia, but also sprinkled with her love for international cuisine. Eating healthy and unprocessed foods was the norm.

Fast forward to today. The world is a very different place and to Miss Lily’s dismay, many people grow up rarely, if ever, eating fresh fruits or vegetables, much less sharing a family meal.  Nutritional supplements are a required addition to most daily diets to guarantee adequate intake of the daily recommended requirement of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Obesity is a national epidemic in the US resulting in increases in cases of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke and adding a devastating burden to our health care system. Ever vigilant for an easy way to make meals healthier, she stumbled upon hemp.  A true superfood, hemp is high in protein, provides the exact ratio of Omega 3’s and 6’s that our bodies require, all the essential vitamins and minerals, plus is low in cholesterol.  Eat it by itself or add it to food to increase the taste profile of whatever is being prepared. Fortunately, the ending of the prohibition of hemp after the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill coupled with the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) recent recognition of GRAS status (Generally Regarded As Safe) for hemp foods such as hulled hemp seeds (hearts), hemp protein, and hemp seed oil, provides the perfect combination of events to introduce these ingredients to the American public.

“IT’S HEMP” -Lily

“IT’S HEMP” -Lily

CBD, Undoubtedly is currently all the rage and has taken the forefront in the hemp industry. The reasons for this are varied and there are many problems that must be solved before it’s “business as usual” regarding hemp, not the least of which is the FDA’s current stance that CBD is prohibited as a dietary supplement or a food additive.  Yet CBD products are everywhere from convenience store shelves to high-end retail stores. Confusion abounds as to what is legal, and many manufacturers and distributors are seemingly interested only in making a quick buck. Lack of a singular regulatory framework, research on the safety of long term use or in at-risk populations such as children and pregnant women, truth in marketing, mandatory testing for purity, CBD/THC levels, and toxins/heavy metals are all valid concerns and issues that must be addressed. Everyone from farmers to the end consumer is massively confused and sometimes horribly misinformed.  The insanity needs to stop.

CBD crops get the same attention as hemp grown as seed or fiber. Our nation imports millions of dollars of hemp for food, plastics, fabrics, and more.  Hemp grown for its many varied uses provides an agricultural crop that can benefit farmers, our health, economy and environment. Regenerative agriculture is on the rise and hemp can play an enormous part.  Hempcrete provides a negative carbon building material which can greatly reduce our carbon footprint. We must all contribute to ending the destruction of our planet and reverse the damage from climate change.  Planting, eating and using hemp is an easy way to make a positive impact.

LilyHemp will be your place to find premium, organic hemp foods as well as other top-quality hemp products. Additionally, Miss Lily will post videos about all things hemp….from seeds to finished goods and everything in between. 

She will write blogs, lecture and provide workshops, and private consultations.